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Thank you very much for stopping by our site. This site provides you usable online recipe translation (Japanese/English) tools and dictionaries.

Recipe Translation Support Tool

KITCHEN TRANSLATOR, our Japanese/English translation tool, will give you truely usable translation outputs from English to Japanese and English to Japanese. I know that our tool is not as easy and quick as other auto translators, but, believe me, KITCHEN TRANSLATOR is much smarter and USABLE.

See the output samples and the results of comparative analysis of Kitchen Translator and other auto translation softwares.

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We Create Linguistic Resources

We create high-quality linguistic resources (Japanese or English) for NLP(Natural Language Processing) researchers and developers.
For details, see the page of Linguistic Resources,
or contact us at:webmaster@kitchentranslator.com, The SDD Language Factory, Kobe, Japan

Japanese English Food Dictionaries

Nice old fashioned food dictionaries (I just love non-digital stuff). Covers translations of many ingredients that you will never be able to find on Internet.

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